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SYKE Marine Research Centre opens Indoor Mesocosm Facility for international access during 2019

SYKE Marine Research Centre will open our brand new Indoor Mesocosm Facility for international access during 2019 through the Transnational Access procedure of the H2020 project AQUACOSM. Please feel free to spread the news to potentially interested researchers within your networks.

We welcome you to do a research visit to our premises in Helsinki, Finland! All expenses regarding travel, daily allowance covering board & lodging in Helsinki, plus minor expenses in doing experimental work will be covered by the project TA support. Lab support will be available upon negotiations on your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, to find out if this opportunity in 2019 is for you.

Our specialty is development of automated sampling and measurement of a range of important planktonic parameters during experiments. These include food web structure (imaging applications) and functioning (primary production as Fast Repetition Rate fluorometry), multiple other bio-optical properties of the communities, nutrient dynamics, carbonate system parameters (pCO2, pH, DIC, TA), etc.

As a part of joint AQUACOSM project experiments, we will run an indoor mesocosm experiment on DOC runoff effects on the spring bloom brackish water plankton community (April/May 2019), and their interaction with inorganic nutrient availability. Participation in this experiment is welcomed.

Besides this, all experimentation connected to application of especially new bio-optical and imaging techniques to planktonic food web studies will be welcomed basically any period during 2019. We can offer a wide range of measurements to support and compare with your specific interests, and together we can study the possibilities to couple your measurements to our developing lab automation systems.

The application for Transnational Access is pretty straightforward, and we will certainly help you there to make it fluent. We will be happy to answer any queries that you might have regarding this near-future collaboration!

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The application deadline for 2019 TA is extended to 14 Nov 2018, 13:00 CET.