EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Uppsala Universitet

Short name: UU Contact name: Silke Langenheder Email address: [user_only][/user_only]  Partner Description Uppsala University is the oldest university in the Nordic countries and ranks among the best universities in Northern Europe. The University has a long tradition of excellence with its high quality education and world-class research. Uppsala University is a partner of the Swedish Infrastructure… Read more »

Luftförorenings- och klimatsekretariatet

Short name: AirClim Contact name: Marko Reinikainen Email address: [user_only][/user_only]  Partner Description AirClim is a non-governmental organization working internationally on policy-issues related to climate change and air-pollution. AirClim’s work consists of participation in policy-meetings and negotiations on legislation and treaties, monitoring of policy- measures, information work, and publications. AirClim works both independently and within larger… Read more »

Umeå Marine Science Center

Short name: UMU Contact name: Johan Wikner Email address: [user_only][/user_only]  Partner Description The Mesocosm Facility at Umeå Marine Sciences Center (MF-UMSC) shall advance our understanding of the structure and function of coastal ecosystems in the context of Land-Sea interaction and climate change. This includes knowledge about anthropogenic disturbance by both environmental toxins and nutrient enrichment, promoting… Read more »