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ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting 22–27 June 2021 (virtual event)

22/06/2021 - 27/06/2021

Aquatic Sciences for a Sustainable Future:  Nurturing Cooperation

Following the pressing needs of the society to ensure a sustainable future, amidst human-influenced environmental changes, the theme of the meeting is Aquatic Sciences for a Sustainable Future: Nurturing Cooperation. Underdeveloped and developed societies face different levels of sustainability problems in aquatic resources and have contrasting capacities to address and adapt to upcoming changes and threats, which makes cooperation paramount for an efficient and increasing exchange of information to find long-term sustainable solutions. Dialogue among scientists, as well as the transfer of knowledge for the benefit of society, are very important in addressing sustainability challenges. To provide a venue for this exchange, we will incorporate the theme into the plenary sessions: The future of seafood resources and the role of cooperation; Restoration of aquatic ecosystems, in line with the United Nations Decade of Restoration; Carbon dynamics in lakes and rivers; Past and future of ocean circulation and its role for the climate system; Linking the health of the oceans to humans; Remote sensing and large scale detection; Integrated management of aquatic resources.

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