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Breaching barriers to open mesocosm science – Webinar


Lisette de Senerpont Domis, NIOO, the Netherlands

will present a webinar

“Breaching barriers to open mesocosm science”

The webinar will be held on the 25th of May at 10:00 -11:15 CET. The zoom link will be shared later this week.

Abstract: Open science describes the practice of carrying out science in a completely transparent way, and making the results available to everyone. Although this practice should apply to science in general, the reality is that the mesocosm science community has proven hesitant in fully embracing the principles of open science. Open science covers different aspects of the scientific process, including open access, open data, open reproducible research, open science evaluation, open science policies, and open science tools. Identified challenges towards open science are socio-cultural, legal, economic, political and organizational, and call for an integrated approach to breach the barriers of open mesocosm science. For the past years, the EU-funded RI-projects AQUACOSM and AQUACOSM-plus (, 2017-2021/2020-2024) have taken significant steps towards open mesocosm science, by e.g. creating a centralized (meta)data portal, generating standardized operating procedures for collecting data, providing online training modules, and developing tools to reduce heterogeneity in data processing. I will showcase each of these steps, and exemplify the benefits of open science by showing how meta-analyses of open (mesocosm) data allow us to tackle ecosystem-scale questions.

Virtual Event
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