EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.


Planktotrons – Indoor Mesocosm Facility

12 indoor mesocosms with 600 l volume (height 120 cm, diameter 80 cm) for marine or freshwater experiments and natural or artificial communities
3 temperature zones: upper half, lower half, and bottom
Build-in rotor prevents wall growth
Six ports at different levels of the water column for direct sampling
Planktotrons can be connected for metacommunity approaches
Sediment inclusion possible

Artificial Stream and Pond System (FSA)

Outdoor and indoor pond and stream system. The facility comprises 8 indoor and 8 outdoor ponds and streams, the latter of 1.6 km total length (indoor + outdoor). Water bodies are large enough to carry all trophic levels including fish

LMU Mesocosms

outdoor - pelagic/benthic - freshwater
8 concrete tanks, 3 temperature controlled basins, 10 smaller concrete tanks

KOB (Kiel-Outdoor-Benthocosms)

outdoor - benthic - marine/brackish
Floating infrastructure consisting of sub-dividable 3500 liter tanks, optionally covered by a fully translucent hood. When the system works in a flow-through mode all in situ fluctuations are admitted to the tanks and experimental treatments represent controlled deviations (delta-treatments) from this naturally fluctuating baseline

IGB LakeLab

24 large lake mesocosms, each 9 m diameter, 20 m depth, reaching into the sediment, water volume 1,270 m3 per mesocosm, one additional central unit 30 m diameter, volume 14,000 m3