EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.


NORCE Marine Research Center in Mekjarvik (NORCE-MRC)

Facilities have been tailored for conducting studies targeting a range of marine conditions from temperate to Arctic and surface waters to deep sea. The centre includes 620 m2 of laboratories, all with access to a continuous supply of filtered seawater pumped from 80 m depth from the fjord adjacent to the laboratory. Recently fitted sophisticated heat exchange systems supply multiple seawater temperatures to support several independent experiments simultaneously or for use within single experiments facilitating multi-stressor studies.

Solbergstrand Experimental Facility (SEF)

1. Solbergstrand Mesocosms: Outdoor, 12 hard bottom mesocosms, 13 m3 ambient 1 m depth sea water flow through, benthic communities from 0-1.5 m depth, ca 40 species of benthic algae, up to 90 species of macrofauna.

UiB Mesocosm Centre (University of Bergen Mesocosm Centre)

1. Floating platform
including up to 12 floating rings with mesocosm bags ranging from 10 to 30 m3,  diameter  2 m; length 5-10 m, see Fig.1
2. Land-based system
with up to 18 tanks of 2.5 m3 , diameter 1.5 m; height 1.5 m, deployed within 3 tanks of 30 m3 , diameter 5 m; height 1.5 m, see Fig.2