EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

United Kingdom

CEH Aquatic Mesocosm Facility (CAMF)

Outdoor – pelagic/benthic - freshwater

32 cylindrical insulated fibreglass outdoor mesocosms, each 1.0 m deep and 2.0 m in diameter (3000 L) arranged in four rows with eight mesocosms in each and 3 fibreglass tanks 1.0 m deep and 4.0 m in diameter (12000 L). The site was built in 2011 and is located around 2 miles from the CEH office.

Cambridge Environmental Assessments (CEA)

We have 99 flat bottomed and 100 unique sloped mesocosms which are designed to simulate edge of field environments. Our sloped mesocosms were installed in 2013, are 2.6 m long, 1 m wide and 0.7 m deep and are used for herbicide studies. The sloped mesocosms are designed to enable the incorporation of a wide variety of plant species, providing a habitat which mimics the plant community found in edge of field environments. Our flat bottomed mesocosms were installed in 2009, are 1.8 m long, 0.9 m wide and 0.8 m deep and are predominantly used in pesticide studies.