AQUACOSM-plus project holds 2nd General Assembly in Turkey

The second general assembly of the EU HORIZON 2020 AQUACOSM-plus project was held 8-12 Nov in southern Turkey. It was the first hybrid physical-online meeting in this project after the beginning of the global COVID-19 lockdowns. It was an excellent opportunity to meet in person and welcome some of some of our new partners to the project. It was also the first meeting after the official end of the AQUACOSM project in August 2021. AQUACOSM-plus will build on the heritage and success of EU FP7 MESO… Read more »

Marine plankton community responses to terrestrial dissolved organic matter input realising by CNRS-MARBEC on MEDIMEER infrastructure

An in situ mesocosm experiment to simulate a “terrestrial input of extreme event” in coastal waters is carrying out from 03 May for several weeks in the frame of the French ANR national project entitled: Microbial responses to terrestrial dissolved organic matter (DOMt) input in freshwater and marine ecosystems in a changing environment (RESTORE, National Coordinator: Fabien Joux). The DOMt was prepared with the oak forest soil, characteristic of the region around MEDIMEER in the south of France… Read more »

META-Analyisis Workshop in May 2021 is Virtual and FREE

Date 12/05/2021 Within the AQUACOSM-plus Workpackage 6 on Defining Grand Challenges in aquatic mesocosm research, Helmut Hillebrand (University of Oldenburg) and Silke Langenheder (Uppsala University) offer a Meta-Analysis Workshop in May 2021. The aim of the workshop is i) to provide an overview on quantitative synthesis methods including systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and ii) to develop a theme for a joint analysis of experiments run in the consortium.   The course runs in a flipped cla… Read more »

Metadata submission Guides – A series of guidance videos on Metadata

Have a look at these Guidance Videos on Metadata and its submission to our metadata portal in the frame of AQUACOSM activities. Interesting for all Transnational Access Users! A central goal of the AQUACOSM-plus project is that all data produced during the project shall be findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable (FAIR). When this is achieved, we propose that the data from AQUACOSM-plus will not only be useful for the current and future mesocosm scientists, but also for environmental as… Read more »

Consequences of global change on aquatic ecosystems: Webinar Series

AQUACOSM-Plus held a series of 4 webinars on “Consequences of global change on aquatic ecosystems” in October 2020. Each webinar consisted of an “Incentive Talk” followed by a WORLD CAFÉ session delivered by an expert guest speaker. Each incentive talk was approximately 1 hour in duration and was open to all to join via Zoom. These are available on the AQUACOSM-plus YouTube channel. The following WORLD CAFÉ sessions lasted for up to 2 hours and had a limited capacity. Therefore, participants wer… Read more »

Study of mesopredator effects in mesocosms.

At the research station Solberstrand (NIVA, Norwegian Institute for Water Research), South Norway, we have over years established 12 similar rocky shore ecosystems with high diversity of seaweeds and macrofauna. Each mesocosm has a volume of about 12 m3, has continuous sea water supply, a wave generator, and tidal regulation. The 12 mesocosms give possibilities to make short and long-term controlled ecosystem manipulation experiments with different and multiple anthropogenic based drivers as pol… Read more »

Prensentation about Ocean-based CO2 removal strategies now available

It has been a great pleasure to listen to Andreas Oschlies from GEMOAR and his talk about “Ocean-based CO2 removal strategies” He kindly agreed to share his presentation on our website, for those who are interested. AQUACOSM-plus GC-Webinar2020 Ocean-based-CO2-removal A Oschlies (2.2 MiB) The whole talk will also be available on the AQUACOSM-plus YouTube channel.

Webinar Series – Consequences of global changes on aquatic ecosystems, October 2020

Full details of the webinar and how to participate are now available here. Save the date: AQUACOSM-plus webinar series on Consequences of global change on aquatic ecosystems, October 2020.

Extra Call for Transnational Access to European Aquatic Mesocosm Facilities in 2020

Application deadline for Transnational Access: 24th March 2020 before 13:00 CET.  NOTE THIS CALL IS FOR APPLICANTS FROM EU OR ASSOCIATED COUNTRIES. The EU Research Infrastructure project AQUACOSM has opened the final ADDITIONAL CALL for Transnational Access to fund participation or leadership of mesocosm experiments in 2020. We open for access toselected aquatic mesocosm facilities, located at AQUACOSM partners throughout Europe. AQUACOSM offers funding for mesocosm experiments through a unique … Read more »


Dear colleagues, We would like to invite you to submit an abstract and attend our session at the EGU General Assembly 2020 in Vienna, Austria, 3-8 May 2020: BG1.11 ‘Linking terrestrial and aquatic domains with long-term observations and experimentation’ convened by Jens C Nejstgaard, Jaana Bäck, Katharina Makower and Terhi Rasilo The abstract submission deadline is 15 January 2020, 13:00 CET. BG1.11 Linking terrestrial and aquatic domains with long-term observations and experimentation Diverse e… Read more »