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Luftförorenings- och klimatsekretariatet

Luftförorenings- och klimatsekretariatet

Short name: AirClim
Contact name: Marko Reinikainen
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Partner Description

AirClim is a non-governmental organization working internationally on policy-issues related to climate change and air-pollution. AirClim’s work consists of participation in policy-meetings and negotiations on legislation and treaties, monitoring of policy- measures, information work, and publications. AirClim works both independently and within larger frameworks (e.g. EEB, IMO, T&E, CAN).

Role and Commitment of key person(s)

Marko Reinikainen (m, PhD 1998) Managing Director with expertise in limnic and marine experimental ecology. Former roles as co-leader of Finnish roadmap RI- consortium (marine consortium FINMARI) and coordinator of Western Gulf of Finland LTER-site, as well as participant in AQUACOSM (as UH partner). Role in AQUACOSM- plus is within AirClim’s framework, i.e. outreach towards policy-makers and NGOs especially on climate change/acidification. Google Scholar Statistics: > 20 papers, > 900 citations, h-index 16.

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: Contributor to WP1, WP2, WP3, WP5 Wp6


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