EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.


Consortium management

  Work package leader:  FVB-IGB
Contact:  Jens Nejstgaard
Email address:


Task 1.1 Intra-consortium governance and Liaison with the European Commission
Task 1.2 User Selection Panel (USP) communication
Task 1.3 Scientific and Technical Advisory Board (STAB) communication
Task 1.4 Project management, administration, and financial monitoring
Task 1.5 Updating of the internal work plan


Oversee the administration, operational management, and overall implementation of the project, including internal communication and collaboration between the Project Coordinators, individual consortium members, and the European Commission; to administer consortium networking and governance, including supporting relevant bodies and meetings (Task 1.1), a User Selection Panel (Task 1.2) and Advisory Board (Task 1.3); ensure efficient management, decision-making, and to implement sound financial management as well as controlling systems and quality assurance of deliverables and periodic and final Reports (Task 1.4) and of the description of work (Task 1.5). A specific goal of the overall AQUACOSM-plus management is to optimise the efficiency of the research infrastructures’ management and their service provision through joint management of access provision and pooling of distributed resources at the facilities, initiated in AQUACOSM.


D1.1 First Feedback from AB to project progress (Month 20)

D1.2 Periodic & financial reports M1-18 (Month 20)

D1.3 Second Feedback from AB to project progress (Month 32)

D1.4 Periodic & financial reports M19-36 (Month 38)

D1.5 Periodic & financial and final reports M1-48 (Month 50)