EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.


NA1: Science and innovation strategy for society

  Work package leader:  NORCE
Contacts:  Anne Hageberg, Dominique Durrand
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Task 2.1 Review of the RI landscape and SWOT analysis
Task 2.2 Enlarging the scientific spectrum of AQUACOSM
Task 2.3 Unlocking the innovation and service potential of AQUACOSM
Task 2.4 Roadmap for the future


WP2 aims at maximising the impact of the AQUACOSM-plus RI for society by critically evaluating the relevance of the RI for different stakeholders and clarification of the position of AQUACOSM in the complex landscape of European RIs and its interface with other RIs. WP2 is structured in four tasks respectively focusing on: Task 2.1, reviewing and analysing the RI-landscape to effectively capitalising on co-design between relevant RIs; Task 2.2 enlarging the scientific spectrum of AQUACOSM as a standalone RI and through collaboration; Task 2.3, unlocking the innovation and service potential of AQUACOSM; and Task 2.4, Roadmap for the future.


D2.1 Landscape and business analyses (M20)

D2.2 Enlarging the scientific spectrum (M38)

D2.3 Unlocking innovation (M48)

D2.4 Roadmap for the future (M48)