EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 2.1

Task 2.1 Review of the RI landscape and SWOT analysis
Task 2.2 Enlarging the scientific spectrum of AQUACOSM
Task 2.3 Unlocking the innovation and service potential of AQUACOSM
Task 2.4 Roadmap for the future

Review of the RI landscape and SWOT analysis


Duration: Month 1-20

Knowing the other is a way of knowing ourselves better. Task 2.1 will conduct an in-depth analysis of the European RI landscape, starting from the ESFRI roadmap 2018, and developing through accounting for 13 projects, and national infrastructures not linked in EU projects. We will use AQUACOSM partners’ links and contributions in other RIs (e.g., LTER, DANUBIUS, JERICO) as a cost-effective manner to get detailed information on RIs’ strategy and “business plan”. ENVRI gathering will also be used in this endeavour. A SWOT analysis will be conducted in order to clarify the improvement potential and opportunities that lie on AQUACOSM to unlock its full potential for supporting science, regulatory bodies and not least private stakeholders. A BCG analysis (i.e. Boston Consulting Group model) will be used to evaluate the strategic position of the AQUACOSM portfolio and its potential. These two analyses will be performed through a dedicated workshop organised at the occasion of the 2nd GA. Results from the mapping and analyses will be reported in deliverable D2.1.