EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 2.3

Task 2.1 Review of the RI landscape and SWOT analysis
Task 2.2 Enlarging the scientific spectrum of AQUACOSM
Task 2.3 Unlocking the innovation and service potential of AQUACOSM
Task 2.4 Roadmap for the future

Unlocking the innovation and service potential of AQUACOSM

Partners: Lead NORCE, Contributors METU, NIOO-KNAW, GEOMAR, RSK, AirClim, UiB,

Duration: Months 6-45

In the framework of the AQUACOSM project, an analysis of the innovation potential of the RI has been conducted through interactions with different stakeholders and with the support of an innovation forum gathering a limited number of representatives of the private sector. It will lead to the elaboration of an innovation strategy for the RI, to be issued by June 2020. Task 2.3 will build upon results from AQUACOSM and will implement the proposed innovation strategy. The effort on developing the AQUACOSM RI as a facility providing products and services to a range of users will be pursued. It will use new findings from the SWOT and CBG analyses performed in Task 2.1 and propose a concrete action plan for unlocking the innovation potential. Task 2.3 will use the support of Task 5.3, which will provide fora and mechanisms for interacting with different end-users, and thereby create new opportunities for innovation and value-creation based on AQUACOSM.

Task 2.3 will also interact tightly with the TA activities for the goal of providing increased opportunity for performing innovation actions through TA. In AQUACOSM-plus, and in addition to the traditional goal of TA of supporting excellent international research, TA will be used as a vector for innovation and provide demonstrations of mesocosm products and services through collaborative effort with private and public actors, including NGOs and policy makers; the goal being to build success stories and provide a window on AQUACOSM services to end-users. We expect this tight and synergetic cooperation between NA and TA to increase drastically visibility and awareness on AQUACOSM and to have a long-lasting positive “snow- ball” effect on the demand for access to the RI. KPIs will be established at an early stage in the project in order to follow-up progress on achievements.

In tight interaction with WP5, dialog with potential industrial users of AQUACOSM will be conducted, enabling identification of key innovations that can lead to a leap in attractiveness of mesocosm facilities for industry-based research (e.g., aquaculture, agriculture, IoT/AI). The ongoing preliminary dialog with aquaculture industry (farmers, technology providers and feed producers) and oil and gas industry will be consolidated, and will be supported by activities from WP4 (NA) on open science and WP7 (JRA) on new technological development. The innovation forum activated in WP5 will play a major role in achieving Task 2.3 objectives. We may consider consolidating the process with other tools such as questionnaire, phone interviews and direct bilateral meetings with key industry actors as identified in WP5. The outcome of this task will be reported in deliverable D2.3.