EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 3.1

Task 3.1 Standardization and harmonization of Mesocosm RIs
Task 3.2 Training new generation of scientists to strengthen the Mesocosm RI community
Task 3.3 Strengthening the mesocosm based experimental research community beyond AQUACOSM- plus

Standardization and harmonization of Mesocosm RIs 

Partners: Lead FVB-IGB, co-leads TCD and METU, Participants BLIT, NIOO-KNAW, UiB, WCL, HCMR, all partners

Duration: Month 1-48

Standardisation and harmonisation between mesocosm-facilities within the AQUACOSM-plus network and beyond is crucial to ensure top quality research outcomes to tackle the GCs in aquatic ecosystems. Task 3.1 supports further the integration of freshwater and marine mesocosm facilities by advanced joint development of (1) technologies, (2) documentation procedures and (3) other best practices that will critically improve data quality and services provided by facilities. To serve this purpose we will update and expand the content already collected as best practice guidelines and Standard Operation protocols during the present AQUACOSM project and produce easily accessible, updatable and practical Wiki books on various aspects of mesocosm science (M22). This Wiki-based interactive book will provide the state-of-the-art of current knowledge and know-how as well as practical experiences and best practice advices on designing, managing, operating and conducting research at mesocosm infrastructures. The Wiki book will also include guidance on data analyses, in an integrated manner, from freshwater and marine domains including newly developed technologies, and prototypes in mesocosms research across climate zones (based on the latest developments in WP7). Benefiting from being an open dynamic media the Wiki will first be presented on the site and later be linked at the website to encourage wider mesocosm community editing and the transfer of knowledge. As a living document, the Wiki book will be community maintained in the future on the The community engagement with the Wiki book will be evaluated by user questions and page statistics (M22-48). At M35 the user statistics and requests will be evaluated with the aim to optimize the user value. To increase the awareness and use of the Wiki book it will be widely disseminated on the and pages (WP5), advertised on project meetings (WP1), on the Summit2 (WP6) and during joint research activities (WP8) and Transnational Access provision activities (WP9).