EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 4.3

Task 4.1 Recognising the benefits of open science, including FAIR data
Task 4.2 Reducing heterogeneity of data collection and processing
Task 4.3 Centralised portal for primary mesocosm data collection
Task 4.4 Monitoring and promoting use and re-use of data
Task 4.5 Open mesocosm science evaluation

Centralised portal for primary mesocosm data collection 

Partners: Lead UMU Co-lead: Dpend; Participants: NIOO-KNAW, BLIT, FVB-IGB, UIB, UU, all partners

Duration: M01-48

To allow for capturing of primary mesocosm data, with potential wider application to all experimental data, an operational application platform will be developed and support mesocosm variables and procedures:

  • Data storage tables will be modified to handle experiments, treatments, levels and replicates for providing proper metadata. Available web forms for scientific variables will be used directly, or slightly adapted to requirements by project-partners, for entering primary data.
  • Partner tests will be conducted to identify the necessary modifications. A pilot of the platform will be installed on a server hosted by NIOO-KNAW. User access for entering and extracting data will be provided by a web interface.
  • Open-access status of the data will be achieved through liaising with existing European data portals, such as Pangaea and EMODnet (see Task 4.1 and 4.5).