EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 4.4

Task 4.1 Recognising the benefits of open science, including FAIR data
Task 4.2 Reducing heterogeneity of data collection and processing
Task 4.3 Centralised portal for primary mesocosm data collection
Task 4.4 Monitoring and promoting use and re-use of data
Task 4.5 Open mesocosm science evaluation

Monitoring and promoting use and re-use of data 

Partners: Lead NIOO-KNAW, Co-lead: BLIT, Participants SYKE, UKRI, all partners

Duration: M01-48

This task sets out to further improve the FAIRness of data and metadata, which will be described in the data nagement plan:

  • A user survey will be carried out on the existing AQUACOSM metadata portal and the results will be used to further improve the portal.

  • The metadata portal will be embedded into the website to foster engagement in the portal from the wider mesocosm community within AQUACOSM-plus.

  • The metadata portal will be connected to other metadata platforms to increase the collection and reuse of the data across other communities.

  • A node will be set up in Pangea (with automated uploads to Dataone, Dryad, and other repositories) where mesocosm data may be deposited for easy collection and reuse.

  • The reuse of data will be promoted by running a Virtual Access pilot using near real-time data streams (especially in collaboration with WP8.5 & 9).