EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.


NA4: Outreach activities: Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

  Work package leader:  HCMR
Contacts:  Paraskevi Pitta
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Task 5.1 Outreach strategy

Task 5.2 Website for TA portal including Project Tracker and dissemination materials

Task 5.3 Engaging with Scientific Community

Task 5.4 Engaging with Industry

Task 5.5 Engaging with Education and Society


WP5 aims to link the AQUACOSM-plus project with the outside world via approaching and engaging multiple audiences at various levels (scientific, industrial, educational and general public) and encourage their interaction with the project. To achieve these goals, an efficient outreach strategy will be implemented, the partners’ communication skills will be improved and the outreach strategy of AQUACOSM project will be reviewed (Task 5.1). The main communication and dissemination channel will be the project’s website, which will also host the Transnational Access portal including the Project Tracker (Task 5.2); AQUACOSM- plus will continue to actively communicate the announcements and ΤΑ calls through all major social media platforms (Task 5.2). The scientific community will be approached via conventional and modern dissemination tools (Task 5.3). Industrial providers and SMEs with interest on mesocosms will be approached via the AQUACOSM Innovation Forums (ACIF) (Task 5.4). Finally, students (elementary school to university level), as well as the general public will be engaged to raise awareness on ecological/environmental issues and shape the next-generation of aquatic scientists while further dissemination actions will target decision-making bodies and NGO-networks (Task 5.5).


D5.1 Website updated (M03)

D5.2 TA portal and Project Tracker (M03)

D5.3 Action plan for engaging with industry (M06)

D5.4 Outreach Activities (M18)

D5.5 Action plan for engaging with industry (M18)

D5.6 Outreach Activities (M36)

D5.7 Case-study on the impact of mesocosm studies on contemporary environmental issues (M36)

D5.8 Action plan for engaging with industry (M36)

D5.9 Outreach Activities and Education Materials (M48)