EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 5.2

Task 5.2 Website for TA portal including Project Tracker and dissemination materials

Website for TA portal including Project Tracker and dissemination materials

Partners: Lead: BLIT, co-lead: FVB-IGB, UiB, HCMR, Contributors: NORCE, CSIC and all partners,

Duration: Month 1-48

  • The project website ( will remain the core platform to promote the AQUACOSM-plus project. It will receive a design update, and as the project develops, it will become more data- and product- centric to reflect the increase in metadata and data that become available. The facilities’ information will be updated and the new AQUACOSM-plus partners’ facilities will be incorporated.

  • The TA portal, developed and used by AQUACOSM, will be further extended to improve information and opportunities for TA applicants, dissemination of TA calls, and the transparent processing of TA applications by reviewers, all monitored by the TA team. A new tool, an interactive web-based Project Tracker, will improve near real-time communication for international open planning of TA activities (in cooperation with WP9). It will operate via a contributor module (developed in WP8.5) in close collaboration with WP6 and the facility providers (WP9). With this, TA applicants will be able to reach experts within the consortium for support in design and execution of mesocosm experiments.

  • The project branding will be reviewed and support will be provided across WP’s/Partners for the production of communication materials (leaflets, posters, publicity materials etc).

  • All major social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, ResearchGate) of the AQUACOSM project will be used by AQUACOSM-plus. Additional accounts on YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram will be created.

  • Three project flyers will be produced and distributed during scientific meetings etc. The first flyer will describe the project in general (scope, partners, main activities), the second one will focus on TA activities and calls (requirements, application and evaluation procedures, etc) while the third will promote the collaboration with industry (Industry TA calls, opportunities for further collaboration, etc).

  • Throughout the duration of the project, newsletters will be created on a six-month basis.

Links to all WPs: all WPs will present, organise and communicate their activities via the website and social media. TA portal and Project Tracker are connected with WP6, 8 and 9.