EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 5.3

Task 5.3 Engaging with Scientific Community

Engaging with Scientific Community

Partners: Lead HCMR, co-lead FVB-IGB, Contributors CSIC, UVIGO, METU, CNRS-CEREEP, UniVigo, GEOMAR,

Duration: Month 1-48

The scientific community is one of the main targets for the dissemination of the project’s results and the promotion of TA calls. Both conventional and modern dissemination tools will be used.

  • At the beginning of the project, a brief presentation of the project will be distributed to the main scientific networks and associations as well as science related blogs and journals.
  • The mail list, created during AQUACOSM, will be updated and used to distribute the project announcements. To promote competence transfer, new members of will be targeted.
  • The results from the TA experiments and JRAs will be presented in international scientific meetings, workshops and conferences. Dedicated sessions focused on mesocosm research will be organised in selected meetings (such as ASLO, EGU, SIL, etc). Selected presentations will be recorded and uploaded on the project’s YouTube channel. Also, the output from WP6 meetings on Grand Challenges will be disseminated in dedicated sessions at EGU and ASLO meetings in 2021.
  • The TA experiments’ results will be presented in a series of webinars open to everyone (in collaboration with WP3). A Q&A session after the presentations will allow the dialog between partners, TA users and the scientific community. The presentations will be uploaded on the project’s YouTube channel.
  • Webinars on TA will be organised in order to present the TA scheme, the application procedure as well as a short presentation of each TA experiment. A Q&A session will follow every webinar.
  • The scientific results of AQUACOSM-plus will be published in peer-reviewed journals. Results from selected TA, JRA and NA actions, including the opinion papers generated at Summits and WS in WP6, will be published in leading special issues on selected journals, when convenient in combination with hosting workshops and special sessions at key meetings like ASLO, EGU, SIL, SEFS, or GLEON.
  • At the end of the project, a symposium will be organised for the presentation of the results of the TA

    experiments and JRAs in collaboration with WP3.

Links to WP3, 6, 7, 8, 9: Webinars and conference sessions will be organised in collaboration with WP3 as part of WP3’s networking activities. The dissemination of TA calls and the respective webinars are linked with WP9. The results of JRAs (WP7 and 8) and TA experiments (WP9) will be disseminated by WP5. WP5 and WP6 are linked through the publications generated at the AQUASummit.