EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 5.4

Task 5.4 Engaging with Industry

Engaging with Industry

Partners: Lead: NORCE, Contributors: FVB-IGB, UKRI, RSK, GEOMAR, METU, CSIC, AirClim

Duration: Month 6-42

The purpose of this task is to progress further on elaborating the AQUACOSM Business case and developing services to industries and SMEs. It will provide a logistic and communication support to task 2.3. We will build upon achievements from the previous AQUACOSM project and strengthen the link between AQUACOSM and specific companies that have shown interest in mesocosms for their business activities. The objective is to identify and exploit 3-4 concrete examples of partnership with industry (success-stories) and build upon those to attract more partnership.

Task 5.4 will also make the link between task 2.3 and the transnational access actions with the goal of raise awareness and interest on TA among targeted private stakeholders. Consultation and dialog with the industry will be pursued throughout AQUACOSM-plus. The AQUACOSM Innovation Forum (ACIF), established during AQUACOSM project, will be continued and extended if possible, as new partnership would engage in using mesocosms. The ACIF will be a link between AQUACOSM’s scientific community and both industrial providers of mesocosm technologies and industrial users of the facilities. This chain of value will create synergy for maximising innovation and economic output. Focus will be given to industry actors from water treatment, IEA and aquaculture, and to developers of aquatic environmental sensors. Nevertheless, unforeseen opportunities will also be evaluated and seized, if considered as Strategically important. Task 2.3 will advise on the strategic relevance of these opportunities.

Task5.4 will link to WP4 in order to promote open Aquatic mesocosm science as a vector of partnership with companies (especially SMEs). New technologies developed in WP7 will be promoted towards industry stakeholders. The common IT-structure for archiving primary data, developed in WP4 will be considered as another vector of collaboration with the private sector.