EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 6.2

Task 6.1 Symposium on Grand Challenges in Aquatic Mesocosm Research

Task 6.2 AquaSUMMIT writing retreats – Scientific high impact Outputs

Task 6.3 Synthesis and Meta-analyses workshop – providing the tools to generalize across mesocosm experiments

AquaSUMMIT writing retreats – Scientific high impact Outputs

Partners: Lead METU/Beklioğlu; co- lead CSIC/Matias, involved: highly reputable young (fem) scientists

Duration: Month 7-42

For enhancing the impact of AQUACOSM-plus as well as AQUACOSM, AquaSUMMITs will generate manuscripts at two writing retreats aiming at publishing high-impact publications. Young and highly reputable scientist together with early career scientists that participated in TA actions and co-designed experiments resulting from the Symposium in tasks 6.1, will be invited to AquaSUMMITs for producing high impact articles. Additionally, early-career and highly reputable scientists from outside the consortium will also be invited to the AquaSUMMITs in order bring different perspectives to the retreat that will promote innovations and “out-of-the-box” solutions to tackle the knowledge and data demand of global grand challenges. The first retreat will focus on developing conceptual frameworks to address each of the target grand challenges and is scheduled to take place early in the project, in conjunction with the “Grand challenges” Symposium (6.1; M6). This first retreat is expected to deliver conceptual papers (Deliverables 6.3-6.5) that will set the stage for more data-driven outputs produced in the second retreat (Deliverables 6.4- 6.6). A second, more data driven retreat, making use of experimental data from experiments implemented in WPs 8 and 9 in AQUACOSM and AQUACOSM-plus, will take place in 2022 (M30), in conjunction with the general assembly in Romania (M30). Participants in the second retreat will produce evidence-based publications on grand challenges identified in 6.1 (D6.5) and will benefit from participating in the synthesis- and meta-analysis workshop (Task 6.3).