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Effects of experimental warming on small phytoplankton, bacteria and viruses in autumn in the Mediterranean coastal Thau Lagoon

Justine Courboulès, Francesca Vidussi, Tanguy Soulié, Sébastien Mas, David Pecqueur & Behzad Mostajir 2021 Aquatic Ecology

A new method to estimate planktonic oxygen metabolism using high‐frequency sensor measurements in mesocosm experiments and considering daytime and nighttime respirations

Tanguy Soulié, Sébastien Mas, David Parin, Francesca Vidussi, Behzad Mostajir 2021 Limnology and Oceanography

Top-down release of mesopredatory fish is a weaker structuring driver of temperate rocky shore communities than bottom-up nutrient enrichment.

Kraufvelin P. Christie H. Gitmark JK. 2020 Marine Biology 167   10.1007/s00227-020-3665-3

Disappearing blue mussels -can mesopredators be blamed?

Christie H, Kraufvelin P, Kraufvelin L, Niemi N, Rinde E.

07 July 2020 Front. Mar. Sci.     10.3389/fmars.2020.00550
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