EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.


Integrated science strategy and governance from local to European scales

  Work package leader:  UNI
Contact:   Dominique Denis Durand
Email address:


Task 2.1 Review of AQUACOSM science focus and services
Task 2.2 Science strategy
Task 2.3 Strategy towards sustainability: Innovation
Task 2.4 Strategy toward sustainability: Economics and Governance
Task 2.5 Strategy for the future


WP2 will provide an overall framework to guide the project work and strategy for long-term sustainability and impact of the RI on research and implementation of European policies. It will produce a long term strategy for development and integration of mesocosm facilities in Europe, with focus on the new capability that the integration of mesocosms provides to the international research community to address future scientific questions and to meet the societal challenges related to key environmental challenges such as climate change, impacts of contaminants and ecosystem disturbances.

In particular, the WP will tackle key scientific questions about how to best experiment and the adequacy of present science strategies to meet key environmental scientific and societal challenges (task 2.2 – science strategy). The present scientific focus and service level will be reviewed (task 2.1) in order to “unleash” the full innovation potential of the integrated infrastructure and to assess the capability that innovation can bring for supporting the long-term sustainability of AQUACOSM (task 2.3).

This WP will also look at long term financial and legal governance structures for the sustainable implementation of AQUACOSM infrastructures (task 2.4 – Governance strategy). Outcomes from tasks 2.2 and 2.4, together with results from the NA (WP3 and WP5), TA (WP6) and JRA (WP9) activities will provide the backbone for elaborating a roadmap for the sustainable development of the AQUACOSM RI, maximizing its impacts on research and policy implementation, as well as innovation and value creation for Europe (task 2.5).


D2.1 Review of present conceptual state, capabilities and limitations of aquatic mesocosm facilities. (M17)

D2.2 Report on the science strategy (Two iterations at M24, M44).

D2.3 Report on the innovation potential of AQUACOSM (M42)

D2.4 A sustainable legal, governance and financial structure for AQUACOSM. (M38)

D2.5 Report on the AQUACOSM roadmap for the future. (M48)