EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.


Data collection, standardisation and sharing

  Work package leader:  NIOO-KNAW
Contact:  Lisette de Senerpont Domis
Email address:


Task 4.1 Data collection and processing
Task 4.2 Database management
Task 4.3 Data sharing
Task 4.4 Data visualisation


Overall aim of WP4 is to provide the basis for more effectively, measure, share and utilise mesocosm data between science infrastructures and for further open use across Europe and beyond. To this end standardised protocols will be developed to provide best practice advice on data collection and QA/QC, and to ensure that data are processed and stored in compatible formats. To facilitate data sharing a centralised metadatabase will be set up which will be accessible through the website developed in WP5. In development of the relational metadatabase we will draw on our experience within the Global Lake Observatory Network (GLEON) and the EU-Cost action NETLAKE (WP leader NIOO is partner and in the steering committees in both consortia) and the JPI-Water project PROGNOS (Co-WP leader AU partner and PI here). Upon consultation of the online open access metadatabase, data can be requested and shared between not only partners of the consortium, but also members of the scientific community at large. Data sharing will enable the exploration of topics not envisioned by the individual investigators and permits the creation of new data sets when data from multiple sources are combined. Interactive data visualisation products (plots) will be developed and integrated into the website allowing the rapid visualisation of mesocosm data.