EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.


Outreach: Dissemination and Stakeholder engagement

  Work package leader:  HCMR
Contact:  Vivi Pitta
Email address:


Task 5.1 AQUACOSM Website: For providing a central coordination and infrastructure for aquatic mesocosm research in Europe and globally
Task 5.2 AQUACOSM TA portal: Attracting, networking and coordinating AQUACOSM Transnational Access facilities of all partners through the website
Task 5.3 AQUACOSM communication strategy to inform various target groups about the AQUACOSM activities
Task 5.4 Engaging with Education: Enhance European human capacity building in mesocosm-based sciences
Task 5.5 Engaging with industry


The overall aim of WP5 is to provide a set of links joining the internal environment of the project with the outside world. To this end, a structured and continuous effort will be undertaken through exploiting a wide range of IT tools, and targeting a wide range of potential users and stakeholders. It is anticipated that this effort will not only increase the visibility of the project during its life time but will also continue to function after the end of this project providing information on and access to this network of facilities. The main elements of WP5 include: the development of a website which will be used as a central project communication and dissemination tool (Task 5.1), the attraction and assistance of the widest possible range of users to the Transnational Access provision to all partner facilities (Task 5.2), the implementation of a detailed communication strategy to inform, interact and engage with all of the major relevant target groups (Task 5.3), the design and implementation of a set of specific actions for capacity building (Task 5.4) and the establishment of specific actions for engaging with targeted industries (Task 5.5).


D5.1 AQUACOSM website for project dissemination and networking (M6)

D5.2 TA portal for coordination of TA provision (M6)

D5.3 First report on dissemination activities (social networking, press releases, brochures, leaflets, blog etc.) (M18)

D5.4 Second report on dissemination activities (social networking, press releases, blog etc.) (M36)

D5.5 Third report on dissemination activities (social networking, press releases, brochures, leaflets, blog etc.) (M48)

D5.6 First set of educational material (Modules, training activities etc) (M18)

D5.7 Second set of educational material (Modules, interactive application, training activities etc) (M48)

D5.8 Minutes of ACIF workshop 1 (M12)

D5.9 Minutes of ACIF workshop 2 (M24)

D5.10 Minutes of ACIF workshop 3 (M40)

D5.11 Final report on the KTN (M40)