EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 7.1

Task 7.1 Conceptualisation of a prototype AQUACOSM
Task 7.2 Construct offshore water collection devices to fill AQUACOSMS from exposed sites
Task 7.3 Construction of a prototype mesocosm(s) and testing of the AQUACOSMS in Umeå
Task 7.4 Conceptualization and testing of methods to avoid or handle wall growth
Task 7.5 Construction the AQUACOSMS
 Task 7.6 Testing of the AQUACOSMS under Arctic conditions in NyÅlesund

Conceptualisation of a prototype AQUACOSM (Lead: FVB-IGB, Co-Lead: GEOMAR, Contributors: UMU, Month 1-14)

The concept development will start already at the kick-off meeting by visits to the ice resistant LakeLab and wave resistant KOSMOS systems, involving the entire consortium. The design will be further discussed at the best practice workshops (WP3.1) and by engineering expertise from SMEs and other stakeholders in the AQUACOSM Innovation Forum (ACIF), workshops and Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN, WP5.5). Prerequisites are that the mesocosm should be medium sized (ca. 2 m diameter, allowing for comparisons with many previous mesocosm studies), affordable, adoptable for shallow water and ice and wave resistant. The AQUACOSM shall also be uncomplicated to disassemble and allow compact packing and transport.