EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 7.5

Task 7.1 Conceptualisation of a prototype AQUACOSM
Task 7.2 Construct offshore water collection devices to fill AQUACOSMS from exposed sites
Task 7.3 Construction of a prototype mesocosm(s) and testing of the AQUACOSMS in Umeå
Task 7.4 Conceptualization and testing of methods to avoid or handle wall growth
Task 7.5 Construction the AQUACOSMS
 Task 7.6 Testing of the AQUACOSMS under Arctic conditions in NyÅlesund

Construction the AQUACOSMS (Lead: UMU, Participants: FVB-IGB and GEOMAR, Month

With final design based on previous tasks, 6-12 (depending on cost) standardized AQUACOSMS will be produced by SMEs, sought in AQUACOSM Innovation Forum (WP5.5) and open market.