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Effects of DOC addition from different sources on phytoplankton community in a temperate eutrophic lake: An experimental study exploring lake compartments  

Bárbara Medeiros Fonsecaa, Eti Ester Levi, Lea Westphalen Jensen, Daniel Graeber, Martin Søndergaard, Torben Linding Lauridsen, Erik Jeppesen, Thomas Alexander Davidson 2022 Science of The Total Environment Volume 803, 150049 AQUACOSM
Long-term acclimation might enhance the growth and competitive ability of Microcystis aeruginosa in warm environments Bogdan Drugă, Elisabeth Ramm, Edina Szekeres, Cecilia Chiriac, Adriana Hegedüs, Maria Stockenreiter 2021 FRESHWATER BIOLOGY AQUACOSM
From adverse to beneficial: Contrasting dietary effects of freshwater mixotrophs on zooplankton Vad, CF; Schneider, C; Fischer, R; Kainz, MJ; Ptacnik, R 2021 FRESHWATER BIOLOGY   11 AQUACOSM and AQUACOSM-plus
Fine-tuning biodiversity assessments: A framework to pair eDNA metabarcoding and morphological approaches Pereira, CL; Gilbert, MTP; Araujo, MB; Matias, MG 2021 METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION AQUACOSM and AQUACOSM-plus
Breathing space: deoxygenation of aquatic environments can drive differential ecological impacts across biological invasion stages Dickey, JWE; Coughlan, NE; Dick, JTA; Medoc, V; McCard, M; Leavitt, PR; Lacroix, G; Fiorini, S; Millot, A; Cuthbert, RN 2021 BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS Issue 9, Volume 23 AQUACOSM-plus
The Higher the Needs, the Lower the Tolerance: Extreme Events May Select Ectotherm Recruits With Lower Metabolic Demand and Heat Sensitivity Vajedsamiei, J; Wahl, M; Schmidt, AL; Yazdanpanahan, M; Pansch, C 2021 FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE Volume 8 AQUACOSM
Semi-automated classification of colonial Microcystis by FlowCAM imaging flow cytometry in mesocosm experiment reveals high heterogeneity during seasonal bloom Mirasbekov, Y; Zhumakhanova, A; Zhantuyakova, A; Sarkytbayev, K; Malashenkov, DV; Baishulakova, A; Dashkova, V; Davidson, TA; Vorobjev, IA; Jeppesen, E; Barteneva, NS 2021 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 1 AQUACOSM
Understanding the connectivity of ecosystems in the Anthropocene Burdon, FJ 2021 JOURNAL OF ANIMAL ECOLOGY 7 AQUACOSM
Evaluating stream CO2 outgassing via drifting and anchored flux chambers in a controlled flume experiment Vingiani, F; Durighetto, N; Klaus, M; Schelker, J; Labasque, T; Botter, G 2021 BIOGEOSCIENCES 3 AQUACOSM
Consumer-driven nutrient release to the water by a small omnivorous fish enhanced ramet production but reduced the growth rate of the submerged macrophyte Vallisneria denseserrulata (Makino) Makino Yu, JL; Xia, ML; Zhao, YY; He, H; Guan, BH; Chen, FZ; Liu, ZW; Jeppesen, E 2021 HYDROBIOLOGIA 18 AQUACOSM
Omnivorous Carp (Carassius gibelio) Increase Eutrophication in Part by Preventing Development of Large-Bodied Zooplankton and Submerged Macrophytes Razlutskij, V; Mei, XY; Maisak, N; Sysova, E; Lukashanets, D; Makaranka, A; Jeppesen, E; Zhang, XF 2021 WATER 11 AQUACOSM and AQUACOSM-plus
Reproducing the virus-to-copepod link in Arctic mesocosms using host fitness optimization Thingstad, TF; Vage, S; Bratbak, G; Egge, J; Larsen, A; Nejstgaard, JC; Sandaa, RA 2021 LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY Volume 66 AQUACOSM
Community shifts from eukaryote to cyanobacteria dominated phytoplankton: The role of mixing depth and light quality Stockenreiter, M; Navarro, JI; Buchberger, F; Stibor, H 2021 FRESHWATER BIOLOGY 11 AQUACOSM
Removal of large viruses and their dispersal through fecal pellets of the appendicularian Oikopleura dioica during Emiliania huxleyi bloom conditions Mayers, KMJ; Lawrence, J; Skaar, KS; Topper, JP; Petelenz, E; Saltvedt, MR; Sandaa, RA; Larsen, A; Bratbak, G; Ray, JL OCT 2021 LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY AQUACOSM
Decadal changes in size, salinity, waterbirds, and fish in lakes of the Konya Closed Basin, Turkey, associated with climate change and increasing water abstraction for agriculture Yilmaz, G; Colak, MA; Ozgencil, IK; Metin, M; Korkmaz, M; Ertugrul, S; Soyluer, M; Bucak, T; Tavsanoglu, UN; Ozkan, K; Akyurek, Z; Beklioglu, M; Jeppesen, E AUG 2021 INLAND WATERS AQUACOSM and AQUACOSM-plus
Calcium and pH interaction limits bloom formation and expansion of a nuisance microalga Raphael Gollnisch, Teodor Alling, Maria Stockenreiter, Dag Ahrén, Magdalena Grabowska, Karin Rengefors 30 July 2021 Limnology
and Oceanography
Volume 66, Issue 9 3523 -3534 AQUACOSM

Nitrogen loss processes in response to upwelling in a Peruvian coastal setting dominated by denitrification – a mesocosm approach

Kai G. Schulz, Eric P. Achterberg, Javier Arístegui, Lennart T. Bach, Isabel Baños, Tim Boxhammer, Dirk Erler, Maricarmen Igarza, Verena Kalter, Andrea Ludwig, Carolin Löscher, Jana Meyer, Judith Meyer, Fabrizio Minutolo, Elisabeth von der Esch, Bess B. Ward, and Ulf Riebesell July 2021 Biogeosciences
Volume 18, issue 14 4305–4320 AQUACOSM
Warming and eutrophication interactively drive changes in the methane-oxidizing community of shallow lakes Thomas P. A. Nijman, Thomas A. Davidson, Stefan T. J. Weideveld, Joachim Audet, Chiara Esposito, Eti E. Levi, Adrian Ho, Leon P. M. Lamers, Erik Jeppesen & Annelies J. Veraart 2021 ISME COMMUN. 1 32 AQUACOSM
Ecological significance of extracellular vesicles in
modulating host-virus interactions during algal blooms
Daniella Schatz, Guy Schleyer, Marius R. Saltvedt, Ruth-Anne Sandaa, Ester Feldmesser & Assaf Vardi June 2021 The ISME Journal 04/06 AQUACOSM
Viral infection of algal blooms leaves a unique metabolic footprint on the dissolved organic matter in the ocean Constanze Kuhlisch, Guy Schleyer, Nir Shahaf, Flora Vincent, Daniella Schatz, Assaf Vardi  June 2021 Science Advances Vol. 7, Issue 25 AQUACOSM
Temporal dynamics of surface ocean carbonate chemistry in response to natural and simulated upwelling events during the 2017 coastal El Niño near Callao, Peru Shao-Min Chen, Ulf Riebesell, Kai G. Schulz, Elisabeth von der Esch, Eric P. Achterberg, and Lennart T. Bach April 2021 Biogeosciences
Temperature Fluctuation Attenuates the Effects of Warming in Estuarine Microbial Plankton Communities Marco J. Cabrerizo, Emilio Marañón, Cristina Fernández-González, Adrián Alonso-Núñez, Henrik Larsson and María Aranguren-Gassis 09 April 2021 Frontiers in
Marine Science
8:656282 AQUACOSM
Intraguild predation dampens trophic cascades in shallow aquatic mesocosms in the subtropics: Implications for lake restoration by biomanipulation He, H; Ning, XY; Chen, KQ; Li, QS; Li, KY; Liu, ZW; Jeppesen, E 2021 FRESHWATER BIOLOGY 8 AQUACOSM
Effects of experimental warming on small phytoplankton, bacteria and viruses in autumn in the Mediterranean coastal Thau Lagoon Justine Courboulès, Francesca Vidussi, Tanguy Soulié, Sébastien Mas, David Pecqueur & Behzad Mostajir 2021 Aquatic Ecology 55/2 647-666 AQUACOSM
Visualizing active viral infection reveals diverse cell fates in synchronized algal bloom demise Flora Vincent, Uri Sheyn,  Ziv Porat, Daniella Schatz, and  Assaf Vardi 16 March 2021 PNAS vol. 118 no. 11 e2021586118 AQUACOSM
A new method to estimate planktonic oxygen metabolism using high‐frequency sensor measurements in mesocosm experiments and considering daytime and nighttime respirations Tanguy Soulié, Sébastien Mas, David Parin, Francesca Vidussi, Behzad Mostajir 16 March 2021 Limnology and Oceanography 19/5 303-316 AQUACOSM
Warming exacerbates the impact of nutrient enrichment on microbial functional potentials important to the nutrient cycling in shallow lake mesocosms Ren, LJ; Liu, YY; Lauridsen, TL; Sondergaard, M; Han, BP; Wang, JJ; Jeppesen, E; Zhou, JZ; Wu, QLL 2021 LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY 6  
Species-specific responses of submergedmacrophytes to the presence of a small omnivorous bitterling Acheilognathus macropterus Yu, JL; Xia, ML; He, H; Guan, BH; Liu, ZW; Jeppesen, E 2021 SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Volume 753 AQUACOSM
Effects of nitrate on phosphorus release from lake sediments Ma, SN; Wang, HJ; Wang, HZ; Zhang, M; Li, Y; Bian, SJ; Liang, XM; Sondergaard, M; Jeppesen, E 2021 WATER RESEARCH Volume 194 AQUACOSM
Phytoplankton Community Response to Nutrients, Temperatures, and a Heat Wave in Shallow Lakes: An Experimental Approach Filiz, N; Iskin, U; Beklioglu, M; Oglu, B; Cao, Y; Davidson, TA; Sondergaard, M; Lauridsen, TL; Jeppesen, E 2020 WATER 12 12 AQUACOSM and AQUACOSM-plus
Turning up the heat: warming influences plankton biomass and spring phenology in subtropical waters characterized by extensive fish omnivory He, H; Li, QS; Li, J; Han, YQ; Cao, Y; Liu, W; Yu, JL; Li, KY; Liu, ZW; Jeppesen, E 2020 OECOLOGIA Volume 194 1-2 AQUACOSM

Ocean winter warming induced starvation of predator and prey



Exposure to a microplastic mixture is altering the life traits and is causing deformities in the non-biting midge Chironomus riparius Meigen (1804)

Stankovic, J; Milosevic, D; Savic-Zdrakovic, D; Yalcin, G; Yildiz, D; Beklioglu, M; Jovanovic, B 2020 ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION Volume 262 AQUACOSM

Laminarin is a major molecule in the marine carbon cycle

Becker, S; Tebben, J; Coffinet, S; Wiltshire, K; Iversen, MH; Harder, T; Hinrichs, KU; Hehemann, JH 2020 PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 12 AQUACOSM

Mesocosm experiment reveals a strong positive effect of snail presence on macrophyte growth, resulting from control of epiphyton and nuisance filamentous algae: Implications for shallow lake management

Yang, L; He, H; Guan, BH; Yu, JL; Yao, ZB; Zhen, W; Yin, CY; Wang, QH; Jeppesen, E; Liu, ZW 2020 SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Volume 705 AQUACOSM
Do interactions between eutrophication and CO2 enrichment increase the potential of elodeid invasion in tropical lakes? Mormul, RP; Thomaz, SM; Jeppesen, E 2020 BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS 9, Volume 22 AQUACOSM
Using Freshwater Bivalves (Corbicula Fluminea) to Alleviate Harmful Effects of Small-Sized Crucian Carp (Carassius Carassius) on Growth of Submerged Macrophytes during Lake Restoration by Biomanipulation Gu, J; Li, KY; Jeppesen, E; Han, YQ; Jin, H; He, H; Ning, XY 2020 WATER 11, Volume 12 AQUACOSM
Warming Effects on Periphyton Community and Abundance in Different Seasons Are Influenced by Nutrient State and Plant Type: A Shallow Lake Mesocosm Study Hao, BB; Wu, HP; Zhen, W; Jo, H; Cai, YP; Jeppesen, E; Li, W 2020 FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE 11 AQUACOSM
Factors controlling plankton community production, export flux, and particulate matter stoichiometry in the coastal upwelling system off Peru Bach, LT; Paul, AJ; Boxhammer, T; von der Esch, E; Graco, M; Schulz, KG; Achterberg, E; Aguayo, P; Aristegui, J; Ayon, P; Banos, I; Bernales, A; Boegeholz, AS; Chavez, F; Chavez, G; Chen, SM; Doering, K; Filella, A; Fischer, M; Grasse, P; Haunost, M; Hennke, J; Hernandez-Hernandez, N; Hopwood, M; Igarza, M; Kalter, V; Kittu, L; Kohnert, P; Ledesma, J; Lieberum, C; Lischka, S; Loscher, C; Ludwig, A; Mendoza, U; Meyer, J; Meyer, J; Minutolo, F; Cortes, JO; Piiparinen, J; Sforna, C; Spilling, K; Sanchez, S; Spisla, C; Sswat, M; Moreira, MZ; Riebesell, U 2020 BIOGEOSCIENCES 19, volume 17 AQUACOSM
Integrating Perspectives to Understand Lake Ice Dynamics in a Changing World Sharma, S; Meyer, MF; Culpepper, J; Yang, X; Hampton, S; Berger, SA; Brousil, MR; Fradkin, SC; Higgins, SN; Jankowski, KJ; Kirillin, G; Smits, AP; Whitaker, EC; Yousef, F; Zhang, S 2020 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-BIOGEOSCIENCES 8 AQUACOSM
The Possession of Coccoliths Fails to Deter Microzooplankton Grazers. Mayers KMJ, Poulton AJ, Bidle K, Thamatrakoln K, Schieler B, Giering SLC, Wells SR, Tarran GA, Mayor D, Johnson M, Riebesell U, Larsen A, Vardi A and Harvey EL 2020 Front. Mar. Sci. 7:569896 AQUACOSM
Disappearing blue mussels -can mesopredators be blamed? Christie H, Kraufvelin P, Kraufvelin L, Niemi N, Rinde E. 07 July 2020 Front. Mar. Sci. 7:500 AQUACOSM
Warming and CO2 effects under oligotrophication on temperate phytoplankton communities Marco J. Cabrerizo, M. Inmaculada Álvarez-Manzaneda, ElizabethLeón-Palmero, Gerardo Guerrero-Jiménez, Lisette Senerpont Domis, Sven Teurlincx, Juan M. González-Olalla 2020 Water Research 173 115579 AQUACOSM
Top-down release of mesopredatory fish is a weaker structuring driver of temperate rocky shore communities than bottom-up nutrient enrichment. Kraufvelin P., Christie H., Gitmark JK. 2020 Marine Biology 167 167/4 AQUACOSM
Host-virus-predator coexistence in a grey-box model with dynamic optimization of host fitness Thingstad, TF; Vage, S 2019 ISME JOURNAL 12 AQUACOSM
Autochthonous dissolved organic matter potentially fuels methane ebullition from experimental lakes Zhou, YQ; Zhou, L; Zhang, YL; de Souza, JG; Podgorski, DC; Spencer, RGM; Jeppesen, E; Davidson, TA 2019 WATER RESEARCH Volume 166 AQUACOSM
Species-Specific Responses of Submerged Macrophytes to Simulated Extreme Precipitation: A Mesocosm Study Yu Cao, Yongwei Zhi, Erik Jeppesen, Wei Li April 2019 Water 11, volume 6 AQUACOSM
Trophic switches in pelagic systems Herwig Stibor, Maria Stockenreiter, Jens Christian Nejstgaard, Robert Ptacnik, Ulrich Sommer February 2019 Current Opinion in Systems Biology 13 108-114 AQUACOSM
Crucian Carp (Carassius carassius) Strongly Affect C/N/P Stoichiometry of Suspended Particulate Matter in Shallow Warm Water Eutrophic Lakes Hu He, Yanqing Han, Qisheng Li, Erik Jeppesen, Kuanyi Li, Jinlei Yu, Zhengwen Liu January 2019 Water 11, Volume 3 524 AQUACOSM
How autochthonous dissolved organic matter responds to eutrophication and climate warming: Evidence from a cross-continental data analysis and experiments Zhou, YQ; Davidson, TA; Yao, XL; Zhang, YL; Jeppesen, E; de Souza, JG; Wu, HW; Shi, K; Qin, BQ 2018 EARTH-SCIENCE REVIEWS Volume 185 AQUACOSM
The response of phytoplankton communities to experimentally elevated temperatures in the presence and absence of Potamogeton crispus Hao, BB; Wu, HP; Jeppesen, E; Li, W 2018 ALGAL RESEARCH-BIOMASS BIOFUELS AND BIOPRODUCTS Volume 35 AQUACOSM
Synergistic negative effects of small-sized benthivorous fish and nitrogen loading on the growth of submerged macrophytes – Relevance for shallow lake restoration Gu, J; He, H; Jin, H; Yu, JL; Jeppesen, E; Nairn, RW; Li, KY 2018 SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Volume 610 AQUACOSM
High ammonium loading can increase alkaline phosphatase activity and promote sediment phosphorus release: A two-month mesocosm experiment Ma, SN; Wang, HJ; Wang, HZ; Li, Y; Liu, M; Liang, XM; Yu, Q; Jeppesen, E; Sondergaard, M 2018 WATER RESEARCH Volume 145 AQUACOSM
Reply to Cao et al.’s comment on Does the responses of Vallisneria natans (Lour.) Hara to high nitrogen loading differ between the summer high-growth season and the low-growth season? Science of the Total Environment 601-602 (2017) 1513-1521 Yu, Q; Wang, HZ; Jeppesen, E; Xu, C; Wang, HJ 2018 SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Volume 615 AQUACOSM
Stocking of herbivorous fish in eutrophic shallow clear-water lakes to reduce standing height of submerged macrophytes while maintaining their biomass Zhen, W; Zhang, XM; Guan, BH; Yin, CY; Yu, JL; Jeppesen, E; Zhao, XF; Liu, ZW 2018 ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING Volume 113 AQUACOSM
Macrophyte assessment in European lakes: Diverse approaches but convergent views of ‘good’ ecological status Poikane, S; Portielje, R; Denys, L; Elferts, D; Kelly, M; Kolada, A; Maernetsg, H; Phillips, G; Sondergaard, M; Willby, N; van den Berg, MS 2018 ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS Volume94, part 1 AQUACOSM
Effects of warming and nutrients on the microbial food web in shallow lake mesocosms Priit Zingel, Fabien Cremona, Tiina Nõges, Yu Cao, Érika M. Neif, Jan Coppens, Uğur Işkın, Torben L. Lauridsen, Thomas A. Davidson, Martin Søndergaard, Meryem Beklioglu, Erik Jeppesen June 2018 European Journal of Protistology 64 1-12 AQUACOSM
Synergy between nutrients and warming enhances methane ebullition from experimental lakes Thomas A. Davidson, Joachim Audet, Erik Jeppesen, Frank Landkildehus, Torben L. Lauridsen, Martin Søndergaard, Jari Syväranta January 2018 Nature Climate Change 8 156-160 AQUACOSM
Factors controlling the stable isotope composition and C:N ratio of seston and periphyton in shallow lake mesocosms with contrasting nutrient loadings and temperatures Trochine, C; Guerrieri, M; Liboriussen, L; Willems, P; Lauridsen, TL; Sondergaard, M; Jeppesen, E 2017 FRESHWATER BIOLOGY 9, Volume 62 AQUACOSM
Lake Restoration and Management in a Climate Change Perspective: An Introduction Jeppesen, E; Sondergaard, M; Liu, ZW 2017 WATER 2, Volume 9 122 AQUACOSM
Temperature effects on periphyton, epiphyton and epipelon under a nitrogen pulse in low-nutrient experimental freshwater lakes Cao, Y; Olsen, S; Gutierrez, MF; Brucet, S; Davidson, TA; Li, W; Lauridsen, TL; Sondergaard, M; Jeppesen, E 2017 HYDROBIOLOGIA 1, Volume 795 AQUACOSM
Effects of high ammonia concentrations on three cyprinid fish: Acute and whole-ecosystem chronic tests Wang, HJ; Xiao, XC; Wang, HZ; Li, Y; Yu, Q; Liang, XM; Feng, WS; Shao, JC; Rybicki, M; Jungmann, D; Jeppesen, E 2017 SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Volume 598 AQUACOSM
Does the responses of Vallisneria natans (Lour.) Hara to high nitrogen loading differ between the summer high-growth season and the low-growth season? Yu, Q; Wang, HJ; Wang, HZ; Li, Y; Liang, XM; Xu, C; Jeppesen, E 2017 SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Volume 601 AQUACOSM