EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 2.1

Task 2.1 Review of AQUACOSM science focus and services
Task 2.2 Science strategy
Task 2.3 Strategy towards sustainability: Innovation
Task 2.4 Strategy toward sustainability: Economics and Governance
Task 2.5 Strategy for the future

Review of AQUACOSM science focus and services


Will consist of a review of the present capabilities and limitations of aquatic mesocosm facilities world-wide, both in terms of ability to conduct fundamental science to test present predictions and models, as well as investigating the to what extent present mesocosm science interact with potential stakeholders outside the traditional scientific world. We aim to explore new solutions and capacities that is may emerge from the novel interaction between previously often isolated domains, rivers, lakes, estuaries and open marine waters during the project period both in terms of research and as service for stakeholders. This information will be used as the basis for building a common science strategy for AQUACOSM (task 2.2) and as inputs to the assessment of the innovation potential and support for long-term sustainability of the European integrated infrastructure (task 2.3). On the scientific side, a special focus will be given to the present use of mesocosms towards the key environmental challenges addressed through AQUACOSM, namely impacts of climate changes and effects of contaminants on aquatic ecosystem function and services. This will lead to a first stage assessment of the approach for integrating the different AQUACOSM mesocosms around common scientific objectives. This will be connected to the best practice workshops in WP3 (NA2), and it will also provide a scientific framework to be implemented in WP9 (JRA3).

The information will be gathered through a questionnaire and consolidated through two workshops to be held at kick-off and after 10 months respectively. The outcomes of this task will be presented in a dedicated report (D2.1) that will be elaborated during the first year of the project and consolidated through a workshop on month 12. All mesocosm facility providers are expected to contribute at least to one workshop and answering a questionnaire.