EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 2.3

Task 2.1 Review of AQUACOSM science focus and services
Task 2.2 Science strategy
Task 2.3 Strategy towards sustainability: Innovation
Task 2.4 Strategy toward sustainability: Economics and Governance
Task 2.5 Strategy for the future

Strategy towards sustainability: Innovation

Lead: UNI

Aims at establishing a long-term sustainability model for AQUACOSM based on innovation and service to the industry. It will use outcomes from task 2.1 to assess the present potential for innovation provided by AQUACOSM and propose concrete action plan for releasing this potential. Furthermore, close interaction with WP5 on engaging with the industry will be implemented in order to identify and create new opportunities for innovation and value-creation based on AQUACOSM.

Dialog with potential industrial users of AQUACOSM (WP5.4) will enable to identify key innovations that can lead to a leap in attractiveness of mesocosm facilities for industry-based research. In particular, we foresee that the aquaculture industry and maybe the oil and gas industry may become a significant actor/users of aquatic mesocosms. A general strategy will be elaborated for improving the visibility, the knowledge and the attractiveness of the AQUACOSM infrastructure for industry-based research.

A dialog with technology providers on the identified key innovation will be engaged through WP5.4 with the objectives of identifying key-enabling technologies that will support this paradigm shift in mesocosm-based research and industry users. The innovation forum activated in WP5 will play a major role in achieving task 2.3 objectives. We may consider consolidating the process with other tools such as questionnaire, phone interviews and direct bilateral meetings with key industry actors as identified in WP5. The outcome of this task will be reported in deliverable D2.3 as innovation-based strategy for AQUACOSM.