EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 3.3

Task 3.1 Workshops on best practices and optimization of mesocosm approaches
Task 3.2 Training
Task 3.3 Site documentation
Task 3.4 Perspectives beyond the project

Site documentation


The purpose of the task is to create a hands-on repository of knowledge for each facility and provide common documentation for future use for potential users and to the scientific community that can serve as background for better planning and, more importantly, as a resource for future research. The information will be targeted towards better describing each infrastructure but also provide practical information and advice for future users. It will include metadata e.g. information on the type of experiment, parameters measured, available instrumentation and the associated risk assessment. It will also include a range of practical logistic information, contact persons etc.. The standardized form/log will be used for each TA experiment and the information will be added into a database at each site. The template will be developed and provided to users who will have to submit this in conjunction with their final report after the completion of each TA activity. Factsheets and collated information will be made available online through WP4.