EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 3.4

Task 3.1 Workshops on best practices and optimization of mesocosm approaches
Task 3.2 Training
Task 3.3 Site documentation
Task 3.4 Perspectives beyond the project

Perspectives beyond the project

Lead: UIB

The objective of this task is to integrate the activities undertaken in WP3 in connection with other project activities (JRA, TA) and to document the project milestones for future use. The conclusions will be incorporated into the compilation of a best practices manual (D3.7). Although literature on use of mesocosm for specific tasks in either marine (e.g. Riebesell et al 2010) or freshwater (Davidson et al. 2015) exists, best practices manual for all aquatic areas (freshwaters and marine) is lacking at present. The new compendium will be freely available online on the mesocosm portal. From the “horizons” workshops (MS11 and MS25) we envision a “wish list” for the future to be compiled which will be circulated within the consortium for input and made available the best practice manual (D3.7). At the same time, the challenges, perspectives and limitations for future mesocosm research will be summarized in a position paper published in a peerreviewed journal (D3.8). The outcomes of the TA and JRA activities as well as the future perspective will be discussed during the project final symposium (MS40) organized by partners 7 and 8.