EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 5.3

Task 5.1 AQUACOSM Website: For providing a central coordination and infrastructure for aquatic mesocosm research in Europe and globally
Task 5.2 AQUACOSM TA portal: Attracting, networking and coordinating AQUACOSM Transnational Access facilities of all partners through the website
Task 5.3 AQUACOSM communication strategy to inform various target groups about the AQUACOSM activities
Task 5.4 Engaging with Education: Enhance European human capacity building in mesocosm-based sciences
Task 5.5 Engaging with industry

AQUACOSM communication strategy to inform various target groups about the AQUACOSM activities

Lead: UIB

Target groups will include the research community, all levels of education and relevant industries (Task 5.5).
To reach these target groups, AQUACOSM will use key communication methods including:

  • At the start of the project, a brief presentation of AQUACOSM will be sent / uploaded to:
    • Potential TA users through the mailing list of MESOAQUA, as well as through specific platforms and networks such as MEDOBIS, PLANKTONNET, The Freshwater Blog,
      Freshwater Information Platform, etc.
    • Targeted social media networks and user groups (via ResearchGate, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, etc.).
    • Also, an active dialog will be created to seek long-term collaboration towards a unified European Roadmap for effective networking between all relevant activities. This includes: AnaEE, e-LTER, EXPER, DANUBIUS etc and all relevant partners in the ESFRI roadmap.
      An effective and lasting international integration in the European Research Area will also be a main task of the AQUACOSM Advisory Board (see Section 3.6 above).
  • Press release advertising the start of the project and also every time major activities take place (TA experiments, JRAs, workshops, summer courses, Symposium etc) or when major achievements are reached (results of JRAs).
  • Dissemination of AQUACOSM activities and advancement by means of a blog.
  • Project presentation at related conferences, congresses or meetings of relevant projects.
  • Preparation of dissemination material (brochures, leaflets, etc) to be distributed by all partners in meetings, conferences etc. Partners will use common brochures, posters and other materials.
  • Presentation of AQUACOSM activities at under- and post-graduate courses by the academic partners.
  • Communication of AQUACOSM activities to relevant industries involved in underwater technology, sensors etc.
  • Promote the AQUACOSM Community website amongst EU government agencies with aiming to engage governmental bodies to act as “intelligent lead customers” in sourcing innovative technologies.

Links to WP3,4,6,7,8,9. All workshops, training activities and symposium (WP3, WP4, Task 5.4 and 5.5) will be advertised to the public and target groups as well as the TA (WP6) and JRA (WP7,8,9) activities.