EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.

Task 5.5

Task 5.1 AQUACOSM Website: For providing a central coordination and infrastructure for aquatic mesocosm research in Europe and globally
Task 5.2 AQUACOSM TA portal: Attracting, networking and coordinating AQUACOSM Transnational Access facilities of all partners through the website
Task 5.3 AQUACOSM communication strategy to inform various target groups about the AQUACOSM activities
Task 5.4 Engaging with Education: Enhance European human capacity building in mesocosm-based sciences
Task 5.5 Engaging with industry

Engaging with industry

Lead: UNI

The purpose of this task is to establish a base for dialogs with the industrial providers and users of AQUACOSM for maximising innovation and support sustainability. Close interaction with WP2.3 on innovation as support for sustainability will be implemented with the goal to identify and create new opportunities for innovation and value-creation based on AQUACOSM. Consultation and dialog with industry will be pursued through the AQUACOSM Innovation Forum (ACIF that will be a link between AQUACOSM’s scientific community and both industrial providers of mesocosm technologies and industrial users of the facilities. This will create synergy for maximising innovation and economical output.

Dialog with potential industrial users of AQUACOSM will be sought in order to identify key innovations that can lead to a leap in attractiveness of mesocosm facilities for industry-based research. A special focus will be given to industry actors from the aquaculture. A dialog with technological providers, industry and SMEs specialised mechanical engineering, especially instrument development and in water constructions, will be engaged with the objectives of developing the identified key-enabling technologies that will bring up the mesocosm-based research to a state of the art. The collaboration with technological providers will result in a better availability of equipment designed for mesocosm research (sensor systems allowing high spatial and temporal resolution and profiling; ice resistant mesocosm setups; collaboration with WP7&8).

The ACIF will play a major role in achieving WP2.3 as well as WP7 & 8 objectives. Specific actions encompass:

  • Agree on cluster membership and invite participants,
  • Establish the ACIF, and carry out three ACIF workshops, tentatively at M12, M24 and M36, but rather focused on relevant international technology events (most relevant for aquatic technology are e.g. Ocean Business, Ocean International)
  • Set up a Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) for mesocosm research, to be promoted through Tasks 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3.

Links to WP3, 7, 8 and 9: Three workshops will include knowledge sharing from WP3 to inspire confidence in the end-user community that harmonisation and standardisation is assured with any AQUACOSM labelled products or services. The case studies and technology clusters of WP7, 8 and 9 will be reflected in the choice of representative members of AQUACOSM on the KTN for mesocosm research.