EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.


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Newsletter 1: January to August 2017
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Newsletter 3: January to October 2018
Newsletter 4: November 2018 to November 2019
Newsletter 5: TA announcement 2021
Newsletter 6: AQUACOSM symposium announcement
Newsletter 7: Final symposium submission deadline extended
Newsletter 8: TA call 2021 still open

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Breaching barriers to Open Mesocosm Science by AQUACOSM-plus project
AQUACOSM-plus video that demonstrates how to make a low-cost Mesocosm.
AQUACOSM-plus video that briefly describes what metadata is and why it is important for TA users to provide them.
AQUACOSM-plus: Metadata submission guide. Part 1: Registering on the Mesocosm Metadata Catalogue.
AQUACOSM-plus: Metadata submission guide. Part 2: Submission process.
A FINMARI video about AquaBox “BOT” – an innovation designed and developed in the SYKE Marine Research Centre, for measuring 24/7 in aquatic experimental setups.
AQUACOSM-plus Webinar Series: Contribution of aquatic experimental ecology (and physiology) to address the consequences of Global Climate Change – Dr. Hans-Otto Pörtner (AWI)
AQUACOSM-plus Webinar Series: Ocean-based CO2 removal strategies – Dr. Andreas Oschlies (GEOMAR)
AQUACOSM-plus Webinar Series: Salinization of freshwater ecosystems – an increasing global threat – Dr. Erik Jeppesen (Aarhus University and METU)
AQUACOSM-plus Webinar Series: Considering variability as biologically important aspect of global change – Dr. Mary O’Connor (UBC)
AQUACOS-Plus Science Communication Webinar Part 1
AQUACOSM-Plus Science Communication Webinar Part 2
Video Filming for Science Communication, Part 2: The Editing (DaVinci Resolve)
AQUACOSM – Jens Nejstgaard
Vision of Science Art Prize, inspired by Transnational Access Mesocosm Project
“Sea Soup” by Scott Masson, Mesocosm-Plankton-Art wins Vision of Science Art competition
Microplastics in shallow lakes, Transnational Access 2018 at METU, Turkey