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About AQUACOSM Transnational Access

The primary objective of Transnational Access (TA) is to provide access to more than 60 different leading and highly complementary mesocosm facilities located at 28 AQUACOSM-plus partners throughout Europe. The AQUACOSM-plus mesocosm facilities represent a cross section of European aquatic ecosystems ranging from Sub-Arctic to Mediterranean, from mountains to lowlands, from freshwater to marine, and from ultra-oligotrophic to hyper-eutrophic conditions (see map below).

AQUACOSM-plus partners have developed mesocosm facilities and supporting laboratories with different complimentary state-of-the-art, instrumentation, methods and know-how. To fully utilise this potential, we open our facilities for external users to implement their own experiment, but also to integrate into ongoing projects carried out at the facilities to facilitate international networking and knowledge exchange. Therefore, applicants from different fields can, through TA activities, suggest experiments or participate in already planned experiments.

Between 2021 and 2023 AQUACOSM-plus will offer > 13,000 person-days of (TA) to AQUACOSM-plus facilities.Successful TA applicants will be offered access to facilities including logistical, technological and scientific support, specific training as well as travel and accommodation free of charge. The detailed procedures for the assess rules, including application and evaluation guidelines, open calls, as well as previous and ongoing TA activities can be found on the AQUACOSM-plus sites, starting with How To Apply.

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