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AREFSENS Electronics Inc.

Contact: Ahmet Kuzubaşlı

RF-SENS is a spin-off company from Middle East Technical University, Ankara founded in 2015. The activity field of RF-SENS can be divided into two main areas, Development and Integration of Novel Sensors and Connecting Devices and Sensors to the Internet together with Onbiron IT Limited, which is an industry partner of RF-SENS. RF-SENS develops novel radio-frequency sensors, which use electromagnetic waves to provide high sensitivity, real-time biological and chemical sensing in liquids and gases. The patent pending technology is supported by METU Technopolis and awarded in 3 innovation competitions. Onbiron IT Limited is a leading SME in Turkey which is the first member of AllSeen® Alliance. RF-SENS provides cloudenabled, mobile ready, Internet of Things (IoT) middleware solutions and engineering services by using Onbiron IoT-plaform. Onbiron IoT-platform is a modular, IoT enabling middleware platform based on open standards, which can be easily integrated with other industrial solutions.

Role In Project

Ahmet Kuzubaşlı (m, M.Sc. in Electronics Eng.) is a Business Development Manager who has expertise in Integrated Sensors. He has an international patent application on microwave sensors for detection of microorganism in water and bodily fluids. As a former researcher, Kuzubaşlı has been conducting governmental and industrial projects for years and awarded as “One of the Entrepreneur of the Year, 2014” by Entrepreneurial Businessmen Foundation (GİV).

Project Role: Contributor Subtask WP8.1.1: Planning WS on LAMP Sensor System at CNRS/Montpellier; Task WP8.2: Development of standardised sensor systems; Co-lead: Task WP 4.2 Database management; Contributor: Task WP4.3: Data sharing; Contributor to WP5.

Fatih Aksel (m, M.Sc. in Computer Eng.) is a software engineer and managing partner of Onbiron IT Limited. His expertise covers data acqusition from sensors and devices and cloud database management using in-house IoT platform.

Project role AQUACOSM: Contributor to WP4 and WP8

Umut S. Deniz (m, M.Sc. in Computer Eng.) is a software engineer and managing partner of Onbiron IT Limited. His expertise covers embedded software design and integration, mobile operating systems and distributed applications. He is also experienced at software project management.

Project role AQUACOSM: Contributor to WP4 and WP8

AREFSENS Electronics Inc.

AREFSENS Electronics Inc.

M. Kemal Mah. ODTU-Teknokent MET Alani

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