EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration.



Short name: CNRS-CEREEP
Contact name: Sarah Fiorini
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Partner Description

The CEREEP-Ecotron IDF is a joined unit of services, in partnership with CNRS and ENS ( It is dedicated to experimental ecology, with technical platforms of national importance, and is also used for teaching and biodiversity observatories. The centre coordinates since 2011 the PLANAQUA equipment (“Plateforme nationale d’expérimentation en écologie aquatique”) funded by the Equipex program (“Equipements d’excellence”). PLANAQUA consists in a fully integratedexperimental platform of aquatic microcosms, mesocosms and macrocosms. The centre belongs to the CNRS national network of ecological experimental stations (ReNSEE), which guarantees (1) a national framework, (2) permanent support, and (3) a platform for exchange of technical and administrative skills. It is networked with other platforms inside the “Infrastructure nationale en biologie-santé” AnaEE-France, itself involved in the elaboration of the Infrastructure AnaEE-Europe (“Structuring infrastructures for the ANalysis And Experimentation on Ecosystems”), in the preparatory phase of ESFRI FP7 program.

Role and Commitment of key person(s)

Sarah Fiorini (f, PhD 2009 oceanography) is chief engineer responsible of the laboratory facilities and microcosm platform of PLANAQUA. Expertise regarding effects of ocean acidification and global warming on phytoplankton ecophysiology. Strong experience on microcosm experiments on marine and freshwater microorganisms focusing on biochemistry, biology, ecology and organisms interactions. Conception and technical development of the aquatic microcosm facilities of PLANAQUA, dedicated for use in the climatic rooms of the Ecotron IDF. ISI WoS statistics: 9 articles, h-Index 7, 102 citations.

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: Task Leader (Task WP9.15) Provision of TA to PLANAQUA. Contributor to WP1, WP3, WP5, and WP6.

Gérard Lacroix (m, PhD 1987 ecology): Researcher at CNRS and Associate Director of the CEREEP – Ecotron IDF, in charge of the development of the PLANAQUA facility. General limnology. Strong practice of experimental manipulations in aquatic systems (from laboratory microcosms to field macrocosms) on bottom-up and top-down factors that control populations, food-web structure, and ecosystem functioning. ISI WoS statistics: 54 papers, 1210 citations, h-Index 19. Others: 10 papers in non-ISI journals, 4 book chapters, 2 books.

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: Scientific coordinator of PLANAQUA. Contributor to WP5, WP6 & WP7.


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