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NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS

Contact: Aud Larsen

NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS is a new and future-oriented non-profit multidisciplinary research company owned by University of Bergen, University of Stavanger, University of Agder and University of Tromsø. NORCE is one of Norway’s largest independent research institutes, with about 1000 employees, 1500 ongoing projects, annual sales of over 1 billion NOK, and over 600 scientific publications a year. NORCE conducts research and provides innovation in the fields of energy, health, climate, environment, technology and societal science. Our solutions respond to key environmental and societal challenges. The head office is located in Bergen, with regional offices all over Norway. The Environment Department carries out basic and applied research in the field of environmental disturbances and assessment as well as technological development for undertaking such science, and is involved in contract research for private companies and public authorities. Our vision is to develop and deliver scientifically based knowledge for ecologically sound development and growth, and to promote research-based innovation. NORCE Environment has a long-term high-profile scientific record on ecosystem functioning, with focus on climate change and food-web processes as well as pollution. NORCE has been a user and a scientific and technical advisor for mesocosm facilities in Norway and in the Arctic for many years and is responsible for the operation and development of NORCE's research center in Mekjarvik. NORCE Technology carries out applied research in the field of instrumentation, sensors, autonomous measurement systems, drones, autonomous surface vehicles, data management, visualisation and modelling. One of our core expertise is technology for harsh environment, especially for polar regions and subsea. NORCE Technology is responsible for the WP on technology, instrumentation and sensors in relation to establishment of the national research infrastructure west of the Lofoten-Vesterålen. It is a cabled observatory consisting of several nodes with instrumentation, on the continental shelf and stretching a few km down the slope NORCE is owned 42% by Univ. Bergen, also partner in AQUACOSM-PLUS.

Role In Project

Dominique Durand (m, PhD 2000 marine optics and monitoring technologies) is a Strategy Advisor and research coordinator at NORCE. He was formerly Senior Vice President for environment and Biotechnology at the International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS), and Research Director for marine research and internationalisation at the Norwegian Institute for water research (NIVA). With a background in biological and physical oceanography, he has been working, in the last 25 years, on marine monitoring technologies He has been involved in EU research since FP4, and contributed in 15 EU projects. He is presently leading the WP on science and sustainability strategy in the H2020 INFRAIA-1 JERICO-NEXT and AQUACOSM projects.

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: Support Anne Hageberg in the lead of WP2 and of task 5.4, and will contribute to WP5, WP6, WP8.

Anne Ansnes Hageberg (f, PhD) is a Researcher I and Head of Marine and Environment, NORCE Technology. With a background in physical oceanography, she has in the last 18 years been working multidisciplinary on marine monitoring technologies. She has been involved in establishment of marine national research infrastructure and been involved in several EU projects. Programme and project manager for development of new sensors, measurement platforms and decision support systems. Technical expertise: Development of new measurement platforms, including new types of Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV).

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: Lead of WP2 and task 5.4 and contribution in WP1, WP6, WP7

Aud Larsen (f, PhD marine biology) is a Researcher I, NORCE Environment. (ISI: 69 publications cited >1100, times, h-index 23). Research focus: Mechanisms controlling abundances, biodiversity and activities of microbes in order to understand the structure and function of marine microbial food webs. Main focus: Single celled eukaryotes (especially phytoplankton) and their interactions with grazers and virus; integrated field and experimental studies of the lower levels of the marine pelagic community. Technical expertise: Flow cytometry, mesocosm experimental work and phytoplankton culturing.

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: Contributor to WP1, WP3, WP5, WP6 and WP8.

Kyle Mayers (m, PhD 2018 marine biology) is a Researcher II NORCE Environment (ISI: 7 publications). Research focus: Marine biogeochemistry, factors influencing the rates of growth and mortality of phytoplankton, including biomineralisation. Interactions between phytoplankton, zooplankton and viruses in lab, mesocosm and field experiments. Technical expertise: dilution experiments, radioisotopes, plankton culturing, molecular biology and flow cytometry.

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: He is actively involved with education and outreach through the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS). Contributor to, WP3, WP5, WP6 and WP8

Fiona Provan (f, PhD Biochemistry) is a research group leader for the Marine ecology group in NORCE (h-index 14, GS citations 920, RG 23,46). Research focus: Sustainable food production with particular interest in the Bioeconomy and sustainable resource management. Main focus protein biomarker identification, in particular based on proteome studies. Technical expertise: Proteomics, protein chemistry. Her applied research involves projects focused on tackling salmon lice through functional feed, and value creation based on residual raw material. She leads the Nordic Centre for Excellence in Bioeconomy, SUREAQUA (www.Sureaqua.no).

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: Contributor to WPs 3, 5 and 9.4.

Alan Le Tressoler (m) is an operations engineer at NORCE Research Center in Mekjarvik. Educated in science and technics for engineer, as a chief engineer officer, and in electronic, electrical and control engineering, Alan has a long working experience with researchers, in labs or in the field. He has been in charge of the French Arctic Research Station in Svalbard and then founded and managed an organisation providing logistics services for research, especially in the Arctic. This led him to setup and monitored different sizes of mesocosms, especially in Svalbard and Greenland. He is now in charge of the setup and monitoring of the mesocosms facilities in Mekjarvik.

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: Contributor to WP9.4 (Access to facility for TA).

Thierry Baussant (m) is a versatile marine biologist, Researcher I in NORCE Environment, located at the Mekjarvik NORCE facility. Possesses a sound working knowledge of a variety of laboratory practices on exposure and effects of industry discharges to various marine organisms on adults and early-life stages. Managing experience for several projects funded by the EU, the Research Council of Norway (RCN), the Norwegian petroleum industry. Supervisor for master students and post- doctoral scientists. Current research focus includes deep-sea research impact, remote monitoring, biological indicators and biodiversity assessment, environmental DNA.

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: Contributor to WP7.

NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS

NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS




Website: http://www.norceresearch.no

Work Packages

WP1 | Consortium management

WP2 | Science and innovation strategy for society

WP3 | Science and innovation strategy for society

WP4 | Breaching barriers to open mesocosm science, including open science tools and data

WP5 | Outreach activities: Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

WP6 | Defining Grand Challenges in aquatic mesocosm research

WP7 | Towards transformative mesocosm research – breaking the spatial and temporal barriers of aquatic ecosystem experimentation

WP8 | Pilot execution of Grand Challenge scenario-testing through bridging scales of experimental and observational RI networks

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