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WasserCluster Lunz-Biologische Station GmbH

WasserCluster Lunz-Biologische Station GmbH

Short name: WCL
Contact name: Robert Ptacnik
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Partner Description

WasserCluster Lunz is a nonprofit research centre shared to equal amounts by the University of Vienna, the Danube University Krems, and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU Vienna). The research centre is financially supported by the Provincial Government of Lower Austria and the Municipality of Vienna. Field experiments involving mesocosms and experimental flumes are an essential element of the research performed at WCL.

Role and Commitment of key person(s)

Robert Ptacnik (m, PhD biology, oceanography)– group leader at WCL and in charge of WCL mesocosms, >15 years experience working with mesocosms. ISI WoS statistics 44 papers, 1281 citations, h-index 21.

Project role AQUACOSM: Leader WP8: JRA2: Autonomous measurements; Task Leader WP8.2: Development of standardized sensor systems, Subtask Leader WP8.2.3: OA data analysis system; Task Leader WP9.1: Transfer knowledge about key environmental challenges (WP2), best practices harmonization (WP3) and site specific environmental traits (WP6) into transnational joint research activities; Contributor to WP5.

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: Lead WP6, (Grand Challenges), Contributor: WP1, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP7, WP8

Martin J. Kainz (m, PhD in 2002, Environmental Sciences). Group leader at WCL, Aquatic food web ecologist and eco- toxicologist with >15 years experience in experimental research and >5 years of mesocosm research and responsible for the 'Kainz' mesocosms at WCL. Google Scholar: Isi-peer reviewed paper: 75; 2356 citations; h-index: 28

Project role AQUACOSM: Task Leader WP6.10: Provision of TA to WCL: LMI; Contributor to WP5.

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: Responsible for TA (WP9) & mesocosm facilities.

Katrin Attermeyer (f, PhD in Microbial Ecology and Limnology, 2014), microbial ecologist and biogeochemist, group leader at WCL. Scopus Stats (14th May 2021): ISI Documents: 31; Citations: 513; h-index: 15.

Project role AQUACOSM: Responsible for the experimental Flumes (‘Lunzer Rinnen’) since 2020.

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: Responsible for the experimental Flumes (‘Lunzer Rinnen’).

Thomas Hein (m, Assoc. Prof., PhD in 2000 in Limnology). River ecologist with > 15 years of experience in river and floodplain ecology including mesocosm and flume experiments in several European and national projects (CanFlood, MARS) and coordinating for the HyTec flumes together with Prof. Stefan Schmutz (BOKU Vienna) at WCL. Scopus statistics: 56 papers,989 citations, h-index 16.

Project role AQUACOSM: Contributor to WP6.10.

Dr. Gabriele Weigelhofer

Project role AQUACOSM-plus: Responsible for the experimental Flumes (‘Lunzer Rinnen’).


WasserCluster Lunz-Biologische Station GmbH
Dr. Kupelwieser-Prom. 5,
3293 Lunz am See