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Primary data shell concept proposed to EOSC

14th February 2024

The development and current status of the pilot primary data shell web tool has been compiled in a report from AQUACOMS-plus task 4.3 available on our web portal.

The pilot version including six variables is still accessible by web address, user and password distributed earlier. The main way forward is proposed to be an adoption by the EU association EOSC ( The European Open Science Cloud - EOSC Association ). The co-chair of the EOSC REA task force has been informed about the primary data shell. To be operational, the tool should be complemented with commonly used variables and flexible import routines for data files from various analytical equipment (nutrient auto-analysers, sensors etc.). An expedient data table with a data selection module need to be accomplished. Implementation of the primary data shell should include both client version operated by each data owner and a European server facilitating common access to open and harmonized mesocosm data. The primary data shell can either be docked to an existing data repository or implemented as an independent database. A board and scientific advisory group should administrate the primary data collection tool. The contribution from the whole AQUACOSM-plus community during the development of the primary data shell is much appreciated.

For more information, please contact Dr. Johan Wikner (johan.wikner@umu.se).


Image: Screen shot of the primary data shell.

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